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  • f648a



    Matte dark brown square-hole silver-lined ab(aurora borealis). Looks purple with gold tones. Japanese. All tubes 6″x.5″x.5″


  • jmetal

    Metal Seed Beads


    Japanese metal seed beads are beautifully plated over a brass core. The holes are quite large: 11/0s can fit on Superlon, 15/0s have no trouble fitting on heavy beading wire. They are seemed. We have been using them for several years and haven’t noticed wearing, fading, or tarnishing. Please tell us your experience with them by reviewing this product. Size 11/0, 8/0, & 6/0 are in a 2.5x.5x.5 tube (approx. 20, 18, & 15 grams), 15/0s come in 2x.4x.4 (approx. 11 grams).

  • P24b



    Dark pink silver-lined.  Japanese. All tubes 6″x.5″x.5″  “P” indicates permanent coating

  • p26



    Purple silver-lined. Beautiful, strong purple. Japanese. All tubes 6″x.5″x.5″ “P” indicates permanent coating

  • P27



    Silver-lined magenta. Although it leans toward purple, this image is too purple. Japanese. All tubes 6″x.5″x.5″  “P” indicates permanent coating

  • p470



    Silver Japanese seed bead.”P” indicates permanent coating. All tubes 6″x.5″x.5″

  • p471



    Metallic gold Japanese seed bead. “P” indicates permanent coating.

  • P479



    Purple metallic. Galvanized.  “P” indicates permanent coating.  Japanese. All tubes 6″x.5″x.5″

  • pf470



    Matte metallic silver Japanese seed bead. All tubes 6″x.5″x.5″

    “P” before the color number indicates permanent coating.

  • pf471



    Matte metallic gold Japanese seed bead. All tubes 6″x.5″x.5″

    “P” indicates permanent coating

  • Sale! IMG_2154

    Rainbow Earthy Seed Bead Set


    An earthy rainbow of lined beads. 14 6″x.5″x.5″ tubes. Can include (based on current availability): 373, 373a, 398d, 329o, 356h, 373, 388, 398j, 329b, 374c, 374d, 399h,399f, 399j, 399e, 399d, 378, 378d, 391a, 395, 329, 395, 356h, 377e

  • Sale! IMG_2159

    Rainbow Fluorescent Seed Bead Set


    A mix of fluorescent colors, plus colorfast silver and gold.  Colors may include (but can change based on availability): 207a, 206a, 205, 205a, 206c, 206d, 219, 220, 218, 222a, 222, 201, D4201, D4202, D4204, P470, P471, 329, 269b, 269c

  • Sale! IMG_1639

    Rainbow Opaque Seed Bead Set


    Opaque Rainbow Set is 14 colors that includes red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, brown, black, cream, white.

    This set has no dyed colors.

    *We may swap out colors based on availability.* Prices will be changed accordingly (possibly after checkout).

    Favorite colors that may be included are: 408a, 408, 406, 405, 404, 404a, 411a, 411, 412, 412d, 412e, 414, 401, 402, 403, 403d, 409

  • Sale! IMG_2064

    Rainbow Silver-Lined Seed Bead Set


    Rainbow Silver-Lined Set is 14 tubes in some combination of red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, teal, blue, purple, pink, brown, gold, silver, and always matte black opaque.

    *Colors may vary based on availability* -price may deviate even after checkout +/- $4.00

    Some of our favorites for this set include (but aren’t limited to)12d, 24a, 11a, 09, 06, 14, 16, 16a, 17b, 19a, 20, 05, 30, 04, 01, 21, and always F401

  • y307-3b



    Hybrid-Turquoise picasso. Picasso is a Czech finish. Japanese bead. All tubes 6x.5x.5