Metal Beads

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  • 2x2.5india-gp

    Brass 2mmx2.5mm Cube


    2mm x 2.5mm brass cube (rectangle) bead with rounded corners, .8-1.0 mm hole. Sold in 24″ strands, approx. 260 pieces. Handmade in India. Strand length, shape and size may vary slightly.

  • jmetal

    Metal Seed Beads


    Japanese metal seed beads are beautifully plated over a brass core. The holes are quite large: 11/0s can fit on Superlon, 15/0s have no trouble fitting on heavy beading wire. They are seemed. We have been using them for several years and haven’t noticed wearing, fading, or tarnishing. Please tell us your experience with them by reviewing this product. Size 11/0, 8/0, & 6/0 are in a 2.5x.5x.5 tube (approx. 20, 18, & 15 grams), 15/0s come in 2x.4x.4 (approx. 11 grams).