Nymo – Small Bobbin


Nymo is a very popular nylon beading thread used for loom and off-loom beading alike. It is flat and threads into the flat eye of a beading needle easily. Run thread through beeswax for best results.

Small bobbins are approximately 72 yards.

Nymo has dye-lots, so may be slightly different with each order.

Size info in Product Description (below)

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“OO” is finest (–)  ~for beads 18/0 and smaller-#15 needles-

“O” is fine (-) ~for beads 18/0-13/0, and #15,#13 needles-

“B” is medium (-/+) ~for 13/0-11/0 beads, and #12,#10 needles-

“D” is heavy (+) ~for 11/0 and larger beads, and  #10 needles)-

“F” is the heaviest  (++) ~ for 11/0 and larger beads (single ply), and #10 needles or other needles

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions .5 x .75 x .34 in
Sizes Available

F (++), D (+), B (+/-), O (-), OO (–)

Colors Available

Black, Grey, White, Cream, Ash, Brown, Dark Brown, Evergreen, Olive, Sage, Lt Sage, Neon Green, Bright Aqua, Turquoise, Mint, Light Blue, Steel Blue, Bright Blue, Medium Blue, Navy Blue, Dark Purple, Medium Purple, Light Purple, Light Pink, Rose, Dark Red, Maroon, Orange, Gold


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