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  • Lacy’s Stiff Stuff


    Recommended by bead mavens & professionals, artists, and teachers; Lacy’s Stiff Stuff is the world’s best beading surface.  You may dye it, color it, draw on it, glue on it, cut it, wash it, burn its edges. Stiff Stuff doesn’t get fuzzy as interfacing or felt will. It is durable and stiff, yet your needle slides right through.

  • Ultrasuede


    Ultrasuede is commonly used as a backing for beadwork. Sewn to cover the stitching of your project, it creates a beautiful, comfortable, and durable layer between your beadwork and your skin. It can have many other uses in art, sewing, quilting, beading and other handicrafts. Each package contains 1 pc, 8.5″x 8.5″ square.

Showing all 2 results