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  • Beginner’s Loom


    Beginner’s Loom includes thread, needles, threader, mixed beads, loom, instructions.  Great to learn on!

  • Lacy’s Stiff Stuff


    Recommended by bead mavens & professionals, artists, and teachers; Lacy’s Stiff Stuff is the world’s best beading surface.  You may dye it, color it, draw on it, glue on it, cut it, wash it, burn its edges. Stiff Stuff doesn’t get fuzzy as interfacing or felt will. It is durable and stiff, yet your needle slides right through.

  • Porcelain Tray


    Porcelain tray good for holding beads or paint, close to hand but separate. Measurements: 5.5″x .5″

  • Ricks Beading Loom


    When finishing projects using most looms, you have many warp threads to weave back in to the project or decide how to cover. The Ricks Beading Loom leaves you with only two warp threads to contend with. It comes with a detailed booklet that includes instructions and a few patterns. There is another book sold separately with more patterns here.

    Watch this instructional video by Beadaholique:

    Also, additional video warping instructions by Paul Ricks and TheBeadsmith, here

Showing all 4 results